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9 New Weapons for Throw Control 3D

4 new versions: hotfixes & customized prefabs

In this big update, you will find 9 New Weapons (Unity Prefabs: customized, ready-to-go and integrated into demo scenes) as well as 2 minor hotfixes.

⚡Updated Asset is Already Available in the Unity Asset Store (Docs).

3.10: New 5 Combat Knives

3.9: New 2 Survival Weapons: Machete & Sickle

3.8: New 2 Rune Weapons: Hammer & Sword

3.7: Compound Throwing Prefabs & Position Customization

  • Move cameraNearClipPlaneFactor to ThrowingObject.cs to customize the whole position (X, Y, Z) of Throwing Object prefab in one place;
  • Fix enabling and disabling colliders for compound Throwing Prefabs.

19 customized Throwing Objects

Weapons: Axe & Sword & Broken Sword, Machete & Sickle, 5 Combat Knives (paid separately), Rune Hammer & Rune Sword
Balls: Basketball, Brick Ball (Grey), Brick Ball (Red)
Miscellaneous: Coin, Shovel & Horseshoe, Tree


Throw Control is a highly customizable Advanced Throwing System for Unity with 2 modes: Flick & Tap or Click. Just throw anything!

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