About Us

At first, I was used for gold mining.
Then I independently searched for gold with the help of shovels and did not find it. 🥇
Later, I personally began to produce shovels.

This trip took me 3 years.
I wonder what’s next? 🎸


Hi, I’m Andrew Sirota.
I develop Unity Assets with Augmented Reality.

Makaka Games | Logo Evolution | Augmented Reality
Makaka Games | Logo Evolution

Do you have any ideas?

Contact me and we will risk it 🚀: email, VK, FB.

Did you buy my Unity Asset?

First of all, read the docs. If it didn’t help, get the support.

AR Unity Assets | Map

How are my AR Unity Assets related to each other?
▷ The sharp tip shows that the ancestor contains this product.

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