AR Shadow

Augmented Reality with Unity & Vuforia or with any AR engine

AR Shadow implements simple real-time shadows for apps with Augmented Reality (Vuforia, Gyro, Accelerometer, any AR). This is Unity shader for transparent surfaces.

Package contains demo with Vuforia.

AR Shadow & Unity: Getting started from scratch

Package has customized prefabs: ARGround  & ARDirectionalLight.
So just use them for your scene & enjoy.

  1. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Quality.
  2. Choose Default Quality Level for a target platform.
    1. Shadow Projection = Close Fit.
    2. Shadow Distance = 400.
  3. Create Plane (ARGround prefab).
    1. Place plane on the marker (a bit higher) if you use marker AR like Vuforia. If you use markerless AR (e.g. AR Camera GYRO) then place the plane on your origin so you can see the shadows.
    2. Resize plane for all your active area of game action.
    3. Attach ARShadow material with ARShadowSurface shader (AR/ARShadowSurface) to the Plane.
      1. Cutout = 1.
  4. Create Direction Light (ARDirectionalLight prefab).
    1. Intensity = 1.5 or 1.0.
    2. Shadow Type = Soft Shadows.
      1. Strength = 0.323.
      2. Bias = 0.13.
      3. Normal Bias = 0.
      4. Near Plane = 0.9.
    AR Shadow - Directional Light | Manual
    AR Shadow – Directional Light
  5. Press Play and see the AR shadows from objects.

Tutorial with AR Camera GYRO


See the documentation for Vuforia.

More Video & Photo

Package Is a Part of

Tested With

— iOS on iPhone 6.
— Android on Lenovo A606.


Download on Unity Asset Store.
Check also more my AR Unity Assets.


First of all, read the docs.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Support for Any AR engine
Vuforia Demo Scene in the package
3 minutes installation for Your Scene


Bring the enchanting Power of Shadows into your Augmented Reality.

Get AR Assets for Unity
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