What is Augmented Reality? Brand Guide

What is Augmented Reality? – you ask.
My name is Andrew, I will tell you about it.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows amplifying surrounding reality with virtual objects, using just smartphone or tablet.

The video above contains English subtitles, so just turn them on.

I have an app opened on my iPhone 6, developed specially for this demonstration. T-shirt image is a mark (or marker), thereby the app “understands” that around the logo of a company virtual objects must be placed in a plane of my chest. The main thing is that everything happens in a real time.

In our case, using simple game mechanics, it’s possible to tell about the company interactively. You need just to move an icon from the upper part of a screen to an active area. Then you’ll get a new info portion.

This is the simplest option of Augmented Reality using. Project realization term is 2 days.

Makaka Augmented Reality App iOS Android
Makaka Augmented Reality App

Where else can we use an Augmented Reality?

Promotions, Demonstration of the real estate objects, education, industry, entertainment (reality quests, for example), expositions and events, etc. In short, interactivity and gamification. This allows people to engage in a fascinating insight into your business. This is a powerful technique to attract attention, so you need to use it in full.

  • Surprise your customers with WOW-effect
  • Leave a positive impression about your brand
  • Provide the information here and now
  • Let you client to tell their friends and relatives about your products


Markerless Augmented Reality and Pokemon GO

It is also possible to create location-based augmented reality game (like Pokemon GO) using GPS. It uses a different approach. A virtual object is not attached to a particular marker, so we have greater flexibility in its positioning.

On the other hand, positioning quality gets worse. AR mode uses a gyroscope, which is a hardware device. Different smartphone manufacturers make gyros differently. Therefore, some smartphones may generate interference and distortion. We tested the gyro work on Samsung Galaxy S6. In a nutshell, this is not the best case. And iPhone 6 is behaving much better.

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The application is developed using Unity game engine and Vuforia AR engine. If you need to make extra functionality or to develop a more sophisticated application for the exhibition, then The Makaka Team is ready to help you: info@makaka.org.