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FPS Demo with Knives in Desert and Throw Control 3D

Unity Asset Version: 3.11

A month ago, KumaBEER, the artist of HQ PBR Combat Knives pack, created Asset Store Voucher for me to integrate his knives with my Throw Control 3D.

Needless to say, I love any collaboration with Asset Store Publishers, and as of today, you not only can get customized knives but also a customized FPS Demo Scene with Desert Environment (by Brackeys & DevAssets.com).

⚡  FPS Demo is already Available in the Unity Asset Store.
So if you want to create a collaboration with me & my Unity Assets, then just Email me.

Getting Started with FPS Demo: Knives in Desert

Note: Read the complete documentation of Throw Control.

  1. Download and import Throw Control into Unity 2018.2.5+;
  2. Download and import 3rd-Party Assets:
  3. Reopen Unity Project;
  4. Find the target scene;
  5. Test in the Unity Editor;
  6. Build for Desktop.


Unity Asset Store | Download Button


First of all, read the latest docs online.
If it didn’t help, get the support (info@makaka.org).

Features of Throw Control 3D

Cross-platform: Mobile, Desktop (Mouse);
2 Throwing Modes: “Flick” & “Click Or Tap”;
6 Demos (including FPS);
5 Events;
19 customized Throwing Objects;
Easy implementation of your own Throwing Objects;
Tons of Customizable Parameters;
Dynamic Sound System (depends on Speed of Throwing Object);
Layer Changing (actual for quick Throwing to neutralize mutual collisions);
Fade Out;
Object Pool.


Throw Control 3D is Advanced Throwing System for Unity for Mobiles & Desktop. Just throw anything!

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