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Hi guys!
I have some cool news about my Unity Assets, new video, AR & development.
Let’s go!

Article: “Top AR Engines for Unity”

Today I will present the most notable, modern and top AR Engines for Unity.

Which one to choose for your app?
Read my new article:Β Top AR Engines for Unity.

AR Camera GYRO 2.0

I have released the fully updated version of AR Camera GYRO.
A new version is already available in Unity Asset Store.

What’s new?

  • ARCameraGYRO prefab (with all stuff inside)
  • Screen Message: “Your device does not support gyroscope.”
  • AR Shadow
  • Publisher Window

What changed?

  • Unity version => 2017.3.1
  • AR Background => as independent module
  • New Docs & Tutorial
  • GyroCameraControl.cs not related with GameWorld GameObject

New Video Promo & Cooperation

I also recorded a new promo video with “Cute Zoo” Unity Asset byΒ SURIYUN πŸ€—

I just wrote to the asset author and asked to add my promo video to “Cute Zoo” page. All succeeded!Β Everyone is happy.Β If you want me to use your assets in my promo videos, then just write to me:Β info@makaka.org.

New Video TutorialΒ πŸ¦†

My default project template is in Full HD.
But when I exported screen record then the resulting video is turned out to be blurry.

Screen record on a MacBook Pro with Retina display has 2880 x 1800 resolution.Β And at a lower resolution, the picture begins to blur. So this video I’m uploading in 1440p. Wow, some new experience for me.

Final Cut Pro X: Apple ProRes 422 (15GB) vs. H.264 (1GB)

The difference in quality is not noticeable for the eyes.
The upload time in the social networks is significantly different.
So why should you spend more time for rendering and uploading?

AR Shadow 1.1

I have released the updated version of AR Shadow.
A new version is already available in Unity Asset Store.

What’s new?

New Video Promo

I also created a new promo videoΒ πŸ€—

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10,000 VIEWS on YouTube

It 10011100010000 launches.
It’s almost 1 bitcoin.

This is a whole universe,
Bottomless as an Augmented Reality.

These are new products,
along with new videos.


Stay tuned to YouTube.

YouTube 10k | Makaka Games | Unity Assets | AR | Augmented Reality | New Video
YouTube 10k | Makaka Games

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Why Your Game must contain AR features?

Modern technology with a lot of fans
Interaction with the real world


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