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Gentleman's Set for any Unity Publisher

If you want your Unity Asset (or Unity Project) to be convenient and understandable for other people (clients or teammates), the following publisher tools will help you.

Who needs Publisher Tools

  • Unity Asset Store Publisher
  • Unity Tutor
  • Teammate

Whether you’re a programmer, game designer, texture artist or 3D modeler, the Unity Asset Store is a great place to share and sell your creations with the growing Unity developer community!

How to Create and Sell Unity Assets? (Book)

I’ve systemized the accumulated knowledge and experience concerning the business in Unity Asset Store.

My book is about 3 years of experience, mistakes and success, nuances of business and helping people in solving their tasks. It’s a product that I’m really proud of.

For Unity Publishers. By Unity Publisher.

Available in the Unity Asset Store

Publisher Window | Welcome Screen

Publisher Window is a welcome screen where the user can learn all the important information about the product (unity asset or project) and your company by visiting important links.

Welcome Screen is automatically opened when you import a new Unity Package or when you open Unity Project at the first time.

⚡ Available in the Unity Asset Store.


The asset is ready to design your own welcome screen:

  • window title,
  • header logo,
  • links (titles, descriptions & icons),
  • copyright info.

Links by Default

Publisher Component | Custom Editor

Publisher Component is a decoration for your script inspector.
Now your product will always look cool.

⚡ Available in the Unity Asset Store.


The asset is ready to design your own custom editor:

  • Flexible Header
  • 38 icons ?  for Property Field
  • Help Box
  • 5 strings of code – simplest implementation (Header + Help Box)

Publisher Everyday Tools

This is a set of utilities that I use in almost every my asset. For years of work in the Unity Asset Store, I have accumulated a lot of such scripts for every day.

Why? You can not put other people’s Unity Assets in the package, even they are free. So if you want to use third-party Unity Assets then you need to write a manual, like: “How to import all third-party Unity Assets to make everything work”.

Moreover, this approach is not always convenient. If you have a small task, it’s easier to write your own script, than complement your product with additional instructions and third-party products.

Random Object Pooler

This is improved Object Pooler script by Unity Technologies.


  • Prefabs Using:
    • Single (actual for Testing target prefab; None => Multiple),
    • Multiple;
  • Generation order for Multiple Prefabs:
    • In random order,
    • In the right order;
  • Event:
    • OnInitialized;
  • Customizable pool parent & init pooled amount;
  • Caching of Control Scripts (MonoBehaviour) for all pool members.


Publisher Book Publisher Window Publisher Component


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