Speed reaction and Eugenio from Italy 🇮🇹

A story about one customer who bought AR Basketball GO and won.

Because of the specifics of the business, my clients contact me for the most part in case of any problems. If there are no problems, then I do not know practically anything about the buyer, except for data from Google analytics.

After receipt of the request to email, I provide a response within 3 business days. The robot automatically sends a notice of 3 working days with a reply letter. Of course, 3 working days is not very good for a company.

This is an adequate time for solving almost any technical issue, without prejudice the development of new products. I do not have employees, and I provide support personally (therefore 3 days, not 15 minutes).

If you respond in a timely manner, most customers remain neutral to the request for leaving a review in the Unity Asset Store.

But if you react earlier (for example, per day) and sending a ready-made archive, the client will be more than satisfied and leave a big feedback in the store.

So for the Eugenio Gatto from the LA Group, I’ve developed the Vuforia version of my app template for Unity with the augmented reality called AR Basketball GO.


Andrew Sirota

Hi, friend! I am Founder at Makaka Games. I love Augmented Reality.
I am open for communication and ready to implement your craziest ideas.
Today we are Starting a new Experiment.

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