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Company History — Brand, Name and Logo development

25 years ago, little Andrew said his first long word: “Macaque” (Makaka in Russian). My mom recorded this significant event in a baby diary, as evidenced by the photo in the post. So company history begins.

Makaka Games is Game Studio specialized on developing Unity Assets.

Company history begins: Name and website

January 6, 2015. In the 9-minute stream of super-revolutionary neural connections came up with a name for my own game development studio.

I needed this action in order to be able to publish my first game called “Kaspi Kitten” in the digital mobile app stores. “Kaspi Kitten” is the game about saving kittens from abduction by aliens (the project is closed, but it’s still available: iOS).

Here I remembered my first long word.
The same day the domain was registered:

Studio History | Baby Diary | Roots of Studio | Company History
Studio History | Baby Diary

I really wanted the .com domain zone, but it was already unavailable by that time. Today, the original goal of the whole .org zone has lost its relevance, and here you can register websites of any genre, not just non-profit organizations.

2017 — Rebranding & SEO

I got acquainted with SEO in more detail, making sure that this area of knowledge provides an opportunity for prompt and accurate satisfaction of people’s search queries.

SEO is designed to help people find what they really want to find.
Today, search engines exclude virtually any fraud.

The “Makaka” name is completely uninformative and does not reflect the essence of the company’s activities. Good examples of the initial choice of the name can be spied on in successful cases: Apple Computer & Unity Technologies.

Apple in 2007 abandoned the “Computer” prefix, and Unity Technologies recently shortened the name of its main product from Unity3D to less informative — Unity.

“In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English but are great in remembering signs” — Karl Lagerfeld — creative director, artist, and photographer.

They did this because they can already afford it, having behind their shoulders successful brands that are known all over the world. This is not my case.

After studying different names of game companies, taking SEO into account, I decided to change the name from Makaka to Makaka Games. That is, to do everything on the contrary, “returning to the roots”.

If you do a rebranding, then do it in all aspects. The studio logo in 3 instants has changed from children’s role to a more neutral, harmonious and mysterious look. Most of all I like how it looks in the favicon format on the browser tab.

Makaka Games | Logo Evolution | Company History
Makaka Games — Logo Evolution — Company History
Studio History | Logo Changing | Evolution — Company History
Logo Changing — Company History

2018 — Next level of the Brand

There is one extremely simple idea: if I do not tell about myself, then no one will tell about me.

I entered In 2018 releasing two products for Publishers on the Unity Asset Store. These are assets for the Unity Editor, which emphasize the spread and openness of the brand.

It is important to note that first of all they were born due to the fact that I wanted to raise the quality of my products from all sides, and in particular — openness, serving, and decorations.

Company History — Makaka Games

That is, I want to give customers the opportunity to get support and all information about the product and brand after they have downloaded the asset and closed the Unity Asset Store.

This stage is a bottleneck. There is a certain percentage of customers (3-10%), who faced with the first problems (independent of the product), rush to put a not good rating in the store, without reading the documentation and without contacting me for the support that regularly I give.

It is at this stage that I want to increase the percentage of customers satisfaction from my products, making them truly happy with my new Unity Assets for Publishers.

Here they are:

Company History — Makaka Games — New Unity Studio: 2015–2019
Company History — Brand, Name and Logo development 1
Company History of Makaka Games: Brand, Name and Logo development. What does it mean to be a brand? Company Overview for all the time. Unity Studio History.
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I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.
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