Unity Publisher: How to Create and Sell Unity Assets?

Hello, guys! I’m Andrew Sirota, full-time Unity Publisher in the Unity Asset Store.

Today is an incredible moment! I’ve just released the first book in my life, and this book is about Asset Publishing in the Unity Asset Store, but rather on how to Create and Sell Unity Assets.

It is already Available in the Unity Asset Store

About the Book or How to Sell Unity Assets?

My book is called “Asset Store Publisher: How to Create & Sell Unity Assets?”

This book is about 3 years of experience, mistakes and success, nuances of business and helping people in solving their tasks. It’s a product that I’m really proud of.

I have studied all the materials that I could find about Unity Asset Store on the Web in English and Russian (really, guys, every blue link and my personal interviews with other publishers), but this is not enough to understand the overall picture.

That’s why, I decided to write a Book, which answers all critical questions.

For Unity Publishers. By Unity Publisher.

In this book, I’ve systemized the accumulated knowledge and experience concerning the business in Unity Asset Store.

Today you can get my book, and also some cool bonuses. Subscribe on YouTube, Unity Connect and welcome to Unity Publisher community.

What People Love

I spent a lot of time and money on finding out what business is. Business is to benefit people. In order to understand how to benefit people, you need to find out what people love.

So, people really love numbers.

Here they are:

  • In business since 2015,
  • First success in 2017,
  • 3 failed businesses,
  • 1 successful business,
  • 17 Unity Assets (on July 31, 2018),
  • 5 successful Unity Assets,
  • 1 deprecated Unity Asset,
  • 1 electric guitar,
  • 5 a.m.

Got a thought?

What if I show you how this can be applied to your products (i.e. Unity Assets)?

  • 3 Demo Scenes,
  • 17 Levels,
  • 2 Modes,
  • 10 Customized Prefabs,
  • 3000 Polygons,
  • 75% OFF (Personal 2-week Sale),
  • 5 Events,
  • Version: 3.5,
  • 4 Characters,
  • 9 Animations,
  • 56 Icons,
  • 3 skins,
  • 24-Hour Support.

What if I tell you what and how to sell to earn money, while others remain outsiders?

Asset Value

To sell an asset, you have to give people more value than the product itself. The great value is in numbers, modules, integrations with other popular assets, bonuses, optimizations and so on.

Pay attention to the value of your product:

  • More video demos,
  • More examples,
  • More documentation,
  • More communication with people.

Got a thought? Then welcome to business, my friend.

Some Materials from the Book

3 Bonuses


Unity Asset Store | Download Button


First of all, read the latest docs online.
If it didn’t help, get the support (info@makaka.org).

Speed Reaction for Customers | Unity Asset Store | AR | Augmented Reality
Review for AR Basketball GO on Unity Asset Store


Show Version History

Check the current version on Asset Store.
The latest versions will be added as soon as possible.

☄️ 1.6: Sales Stats and Analytics

  • Sales Stats: Charts and Analytics. How a certain action or event affected sales results?

☄️ 1.5: GUID Regenerator (New Bonus)

  • GUID Regenerator (for assets in specific folder).

☄️ 1.4: Useful Links

  • “Useful Links” chapter.

☄️ 1.3: Checklist: How to create Unity Asset? (New Bonus)

  • Detailed step-by-step list of actions to publish your product in the Unity Asset Store.

☄️ 1.2: Improved Design

  • Numbered Headings;
  • Captions for Pictures;
  • Info: Support & Copyright;
  • Book Cover.

☄️ 1.1: Publisher Tools (New Bonus)

Support for Unity Assets
I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.
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