New AR Unity Assets, New Website and Happy New Year 2018!

What's up in December?

There is a very cool skill when one big project can be divided into small parts.
I got 4 new Unity Assets out of 1 project. They include 2 new AR Unity Assets.

This is necessary so that different people can purchase different parts of the project at a low cost. This is a win-win situation for all. The more you sell, the more happy people in the world.

Product separation into small modules I already used earlier:
AR Basketball GO > AR Throw Ball > AR Camera GYRO.
The first and last products make the most sales.

New AR Unity Assets

So my initial idea was to realize Augmented Reality through an accelerometer without the help of other sensors. In the work process, I saw that the images look unrealistic and a shader for the AR Shadows was added.

Since this is my new Unity Asset after a long break, I wanted to bring product quality to the next level. So my Publisher Tools have appeared.

Augmented Reality

Asset Store Tools

Map of Assets

How are my AR Unity Assets related to each other?
▷ The sharp tip shows that the ancestor contains this product.

To use the full-screen mode of the map, click here.

New AR Unity Assets | Map | Asset Store
New AR Unity Assets | Map

New Website

I like blogs and don’t like landing pages.
That’s why I bought a new blog theme for WordPress called Jannah by TieLabs.

When I was creating a new version of my website, I was inspired by websites of TieLabs & Devdog (Asset Store Publisher of Odin – Inspector and Serializer). They do their work with great love and high quality. And they definitely have something to learn.


Now I can nicely place the documentation for products directly on the website.
All documentation and articles have been revised and improved.

New Year 2018

Hi guys!
Happy New Year! ?

I sincerely wish you to create the coolest games and applications. Let the new year bring you much happiness and success. Let your projects be done very quickly with the help of the best Unity Assets.

If you have purchased one of my Unity Assets, I am ready to support you.
You can ask any questions.

If you plan to start selling your products in the store, then I’m ready to give you a couple of tips. In the experimental mode, of course! ?

How to Make My Customers Happy?

  • Make high-quality products;
  • Regular Updates;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Take Responsibility;
  • Be Kind and Consistent.

As my business starts to accelerate, maybe it’s time to pause and slow down for a minute. I ask myself one question: “Are my customers happy?”

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