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Unity Publisher: Sales Statistics and Analytics in Unity Asset Store

Here you can find analyzed Sales Statistics of Unity Assets by Makaka Games for all the time and open some interesting behavior patterns. The presented Unity Asset Store Statistics does not show the number of Asset Store Sales since such information would be useless. Much more interesting and useful is how a certain action or event affected sales stats & results.

Graphs Rules:

  • The height of the graphs for each year are independent of each other.
  • Each line represents one product.
  • Line height shows the relative number of publisher sales of a single product.

This information is a part of book:
Asset Store Publisher: How to Create & Sell Unity Assets?” (more about book).

2015 — Publisher Start

If you have a Unity Asset, the market will respond to it.

Unity Asset Store - Publisher - Sales Stats - 2015

2016 — Vouchers, Featuring, 24-Hour Sale

If you give vouchers to your friends and friends redeem these vouchers, then the number of product downloads increases and your assets ranked higher in Asset Store categories, main page and search results. It attracts additional attention to your Unity Assets and as a result increases publisher sales.

Featuring and 24-Hour Sale on the Main Page causes more trust from users, and they more willingly buy your assets.

It is not necessary that your product be very popular having amazing revenue to get into promotion from the Unity. It is enough to create something unique and cool, and also publish it to Unity Connect (this will increase the chances of being noticed by Asset Store Team).

Unity Asset Store - Publisher - Sales Stats - 2016 — Sales figures

2017 — 2-Week Sale and Global World Events

Any seasonal sale like Birthday Bonanza or Cyber Week Mega Sale increases publisher sales.

Global World Events or News in your niche like releases of ARCore or ARKit affect the market and Unity Asset Store Sales Figures of your Unity Assets. People need time to learn new technology and draw conclusions later.


Unity Asset Store - Publisher - Sales Stats - 2017

2018 — Personal Sales and New Assets

You can make Personal Sale for each Unity Asset:

  • Personal sales can not last longer than a two-week period.
  • Sale periods should be separated by at least 2 months.
  • Details of your sale must be provided in your description text. Sale period and regular price must be mentioned.

Check Unity Submission Guidelines p. 2.7.1 for more info.

Personal sales work well If you fulfill all the conditions of the store as well as personal promo campaign in social networks.

If you are constantly releasing new assets, it also has a positive effect on your Asset Store Sales Data. Especially if these are products of the same niche and are interconnected.

Unity Asset Store - Publisher - Sales Stats - 2018 — Sales Statistics and Analytics

Tools for Sales Statistics

You can also make your own Unity Asset Store Statistics and Analytics with open-source tool:

Why do you need to become Unity Publisher?

  • Making Games,
  • GEO-Independence,
  • Own Business,
  • Happiness,
  • One of the highest revenue share in Online Market: 70%.

Free to make decisions. Freely decide what to do and what not for the result.

Support for Unity Assets
I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.
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