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AR Masks (AR Face Filters)

AR Masks (AR Face Filters) — Unity Asset, Photo/Video App Template for Mobile Platforms with Augmented Reality, Face Recognition (AR Face Tracking) & Mask Creating with Photo & Video Textures, which can be loaded natively from Phone Gallery to Your Face.

Let’s make some Instagram & AR Faces!

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Features of AR Masks

Bring the enchanting Power of Augmented Reality into your amazing Game or App:

  • Use HQ AR Face Tracking with AR Foundation (ARKit, ARCore) (iOS only for now because Video Recording).
  • Express Yourself with 1 AR Mask (Custom Texture) & Unlimited Variations of Appearance.
  • Load Textures from Phone Gallery to Your Face with Native Gallery:
    • Photos;
    • Videos (2 Wrap Modes: Repeat & Clamp) (Horizontal only for now).
  • Control 5 Material Parameters with 1 Unified Slider in Runtime:
    • Tiling X & Y;
    • Offset X & Y;
    • Alpha Channel of Color (Transparency).
  • Feel familiar UX with Instagram-style UI (Masks).
  • Take Photos (Native Gallery).
  • Record Videos (Apple ReplayKit (iOS only)).
  • Check AR Support before App Start.
  • Mobile Optimizations: TextMesh PRO.

Project is positioned as Instagram App Template (Clone) in section of AR Face Tracking.

Instagram-style UI (Masks)

App implements Instagram-style UI (Masks) to provide users familiar & seamless UX right after App Launch:

  • Unified Action Button to Every Camera Mode (Photo — Take Photo, Video — Start Video Recording).
  • Unified Slider can control every parameter of AR Mask when switching to target parameter.
  • Unified Status Text Field to Show Parameter Names & System Messages.

Scrolling is not provided.

AR Masks (AR Face Filters) UI — Unity Asset — AR Foundation (ARKit, ARCore) — iOS, Android

Camera Modes

Output Resolution of Content is equal to Screen Size.


Photos are saved to Photos (iOS) or Gallery (Android) with Native Gallery.



Video Recording with Voice using microphone is implemented with Apple ReplayKit to record, save & share videos.

Permission Request (“Allow Screen Recording”) is called once per App Session: you can’t change it, it’s by design of Apple ReplayKit & iOS.

AR Masks — Unity Asset — Video Recording — Apple ReplayKit — Permission Request — Allow Screen Recording


Video Recording on Android is not provided for now.

3rd Party Recommendations: Cross-Platform (iOS & Android)

AR Masks is not related with next optional assets and it doesn’t include them and support is provided only by their publishers. The next assets are recommendations as additional stuff to implement Video Recording:

AR Masks (AR Face Filters)

Custom Texture (Photo, Video)

AR Mask Custom Texture allows you to get Unlimited Variations of Appearance by Loading Textures from Phone Gallery to Your Face with Native Gallery.

Supported Content to Load into Face:

  • Photos;
  • Videos (2 Wrap Modes: Repeat & Clamp) (Horizontal only for now).


AR Foundation Support Checker

App checks AR Support before App Start. User will see appropriate message if AR is not supported.

There is an option to avoid checking in Unity Editor, so you can test Initial UI without Face Recognition & Native OS Features (e.g., window to load photo/video).


Information will be added in accordance with user questions.

Getting Started with AR Masks (AR Face Filters)

Folders & Files in package by default:

  • Makaka Games;
  • XR.


If you have any issues with the first launch then just Reach Support with Invoice Number and Get Help.

If you read this tutorial from PDF, first check the latest docs online to get actual information.

  1. Create New Unity Project with Unity 2019.3.0b10.
  2. File > Build Settings > iOS > Switch Platform.
  3. Download and import Native Gallery 1.3.5 (docs) into Unity:
    1. Setup it with its own docs (there are some easy steps: no coding required).
  4. Download and import AR Masks (AR Face Filters) into Unity.
    1. Warning Window: Click “Install/Upgrade” for Package Manager Dependencies.
  5. Next Packages are provided with Unity Package Manager, and they are already installed for this Asset by default. If packages are missing (Warning Window was not appeared) then install them again with Unity Package Manager:
    1. TextMesh Pro 2.0.1:
      1. Always Required: Window > TextMeshPro > Import TMP Essential Resources;
    2. AR Foundation 3.0.0 preview.4;
    3. ARCore XR Plugin 3.0.0 preview.4;
    4. ARKit XR Plugin 3.0.0 preview.4;
    5. ARKit Face Tracking 3.0.0 preview.4;
    6. XR Legacy Input Helpers 2.0.6;
    7. XR Management 3.0.3.
  6. Restart Unity Editor.
  7. Open Scene: Makaka Games > AR > AR Masks > Scenes > Demo.
  8. Build for Mobile.

AR Foundation (ARKit, ARCore)

Open AR Foundation Docs.

“$” Game Object

It’s Game Controller. Here you can find main control scripts.


You can test the app only on real device. Unity Remote is not supported.

Tested with Mobile Devices

  • iOS on iPhone XS Max.
  • Android version was not tested for now: Video Recording & Refund are not provided.

AR Face Material

Demo Scene has ARFaceMeshARKit for Material Testing. It’s a convenient way to try on textures on Face Mesh only in Unity Editor. This Game Object will be turned off on Scene Start.

To change Default Face Texture edit ARFaceMeshCustomTextureMaterial.


Check Supported Devices:


First of all, read the latest docs online.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Check the current version on Asset Store.
The latest versions will be added as soon as possible.


  • Testing: Convenient way to try on textures on Face Mesh (ARKit) in Unity Editor.


  • Status Text: Unified Text Field to Show Parameter Names & System Messages.


  • AR Foundation Support Checker.



  • Unified Slider to Control 5 Material Parameters:
    • Tiling X & Y;
    • Offset X & Y;
    • Alpha Channel of Color.



  • Camera Mode: Photo.


  • AR Mask: Custom Texture (Photo & Video Loading to AR Face).

Support for Unity Assets

I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.

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