AR Menu or AR Business Card

AR Menu or AR Business Card — 3D Menu for AR Gaming and interactive tool for communication with customers on business negotiations or just for fun.

Unity Asset uses Vuforia AR engine to implement Augmented Reality, but you can use any AR Engine (ARKit, ARCore, EasyAR, etc.) because there is no hard connection between Unity Project and Vuforia.

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Features of AR Menu

  • 2 Demos Scenes with Vuforia (docs);
  • 2 Modes: Click, Drag-And-Drop;
  • Video Player;
  • Custom Content for Each Menu Item;
  • 2 Custom Highlight Colors for Panel Media on pointer (with Menu Item) enter (Drag-And-Drop);
  • Mobile Optimizations.


Each mode is represented in separate demo scene. You can choose which one you like.


Click on menu item to see the content.


You need to move an icon from the upper part of a screen to an active area on the left to see the content.

Custom Content for Each AR Menu Item

  • Header & Description Texts,
  • Sprite Custom (Secondary Image to view on Panel Media),
  • Video Clip,
  • Link (system browser would be open when button clicked),
  • Draggable Color & Scale.

Video Player

  • Play/Pause Button;
  • Clickable Time Slider.

Mobile Optimizations

  • TextMesh Pro for all Texts;
  • Caching of some Game Objects.

Advantages of AR Menu

AR Menu allows you to implement absolutely awesome user experience:

  • Interaction with the real world;
  • Gameplay based on real objects;
  • Minimizing costs for business demos.

Augmented Reality allows amplifying surrounding reality with virtual objects, using just a smartphone or tablet.

Check also the best Unity Assets on Unity Asset Store.

Use Case of AR Business Card

AR for Business Cards can help you in a meeting with a potential client for an unusual presentation of a service or product. This technology clearly and interestingly presents your information. Present your modern company with advanced interactive features.

Using simple game mechanics, it’s possible to tell about the company interactively in awesome way with AR.

You can use images on a corporate T-shirts as marks (or markers), thereby the app “understands” that around the logo of a company virtual objects must be placed in a plane of a human chest.

The main thing of AR Business Card is that everything happens in real time and clients instantly see the information.

Tested with Devices

AR Marker for AR Menu App

To test AR Menu App you can download and print AR Marker here (or in the package in folder: Editor > Vuforia > Image Target Textures) — it’s a company logo of Makaka Games.

AR Marker


Getting Started with AR Menu

If you have any issues with the first launch then just Reach Support with Invoice Number and Get Help.

I used the next software for this tutorial:

  • Unity 2019.1.3;
  • Vuforia 8.1.7 (needs to be installed simultaneously when you install Unity with Unity Hub by clicking “Vuforia” checkbox).


  1. Download and import AR Menu into new Unity Project;
  2. Test in the Unity Editor or build for mobile.

You can also take a look on Vuforia FAQ.

How to change Media Content for Menu Item: Texts, Image, Video

In order to change media content of AR for Business Cards you need:

  1. Select Game Object with Icon of Menu Item.
  2. Find “Menu Item Content” script component.
  3. Change Media Content.

How to change Media Content for Menu Item - Texts, Image, Video


First of all, read the latest docs online.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Check the current version of AR for Business Cards on Asset Store.
The latest versions will be added as soon as possible.


  • Minor Improvements.


  • Unity 2019.1 version;
  • Video Player:
    • Play/Pause Button;
    • Clickable Time Slider;
  • Menu with Mode Choosing;
    • Click (New Demo Scene);
    • Drag-And-Drop;
  • Custom Highlight Color for Panel Media on pointer enter in Drag-And-Drop Mode;
  • Separate Settings for each Menu Item to display on Content Panels (Media, Info):
    • Header & Description Texts,
    • Sprite Custom (Secondary Image to view on Panel Media),
    • Video Clip,
    • Link (system browser would be open when button clicked),
    • Draggable Color & Scale;
  • Optimizations:
    • Text Mesh PRO for all Texts;
    • Cashing of some Game Objects.
  • Publisher Window.


  • Fix icon size when dragging.


  • Unity 2017.2 version;
  • Vuforia version;
  • Prefabs.


  • Drag-And-Drop Mode.

Support for Unity Assets
I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.
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