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Parental Gate Kit

Parental Gate Kit (Unity Asset) provides a simple all-sufficient tool for Kids Apps developers: random simple tasks (addition of numbers: 3+5, 1+7, etc.).

Parental Control is required by Apple to be featured in the App Store under the Kids category: Examples.

Let’s develop some Apps for Kids!

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Use Cases of Parental Gate

  • Preventing Kids from “Adult Actions” (unintentionally Activating External Links, Filling Forms, IAPs) — Advisory Panel. So, the child should ask his parents for next actions.
  • Blocking Player from Secure Zone.
  • Permission Window.

Parental Gate Kit — Unity Asset for Kids Apps Developers. Protect your children with Parental Control. Easily Add Permission Window (Advisory Panel) to Game.


Getting Started with Parental Gate Kit

Folders & Files in package by default:

  • Makaka Games.


If you have any issues with the first launch then just Reach Support with Invoice Number and Get Help.

If you read this tutorial from PDF, first check the latest docs online to get actual information.

  1. Create New Unity Project with Unity 2018.3.0.
  2. Download and Import Parental Gate Kit into Unity.
  3. Open Scene: Makaka Games > Parental Gate Kit > Scenes > Demo.
  4. Test in Unity Editor or Build.

“$” Game Object

It’s a Game Controller. Here you can find the main control script called “GameControl.cs”, in which you can find callbacks to “ADULT” actions. “ADULT” action can be done after the correct answer will be provided with Parent Help.

How to Expand

Write callback in “GameControl.cs” and assign it to Button Click in Unity Editor. Example:

public void NewAdultActionWithParentalGate()
    parentalGateControl.Show((success) => 
        if (success)

private void NewAdultAction()
    print("OK — Callback");


Tested with Mobile Devices

  • iOS on iPhone 6, 8, XS Max;
  • Android on Samsung Galaxy S10.

Read Article: Mobile Testing with Unity Remote.

Tested with Desktop

  • Windows 10;
  • Mac OS X.


First of all, read the latest docs online.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Check the current version on Asset Store.
The latest versions will be added as soon as possible.


  • Random Tasks;
  • Unity 2018.3 version.


  • Unity 2017.3.1 version.


  • Full Docs;
  • Modify task from inspector now.

Support for Unity Assets

I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.

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