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AR Brochure for Hyundai

We continue exploring the potential of Augmented Reality recently we’ve created an interactive AR Brochure for Hyundai and showed an interesting way of printed products using in other reality.

How does AR Brochure work?

The app identifies Hyundai’s logo through the smartphone (iPhone) camera. Hyundai Motor CIS magazine appears in the plane of the logo. You can turn over the pages with finger touch (gestures).

We have placed a test car on a one magazine page, which can be seen from different sides by changing smartphone position in a space.

Mobile application was developed using next software tools:

We naturally can place a different 3D-objects on the magazine pages (a building, e.g.). You need to bring a smartphone closer to Hyundai’s logo to study magazine article.

Interactive AR Brochure all over the world

How can you distribute Augmented Reality Brochure in just 2 days all over the world?

You can release the app in Apple App Store or Google Play, and it will be available worldwide. And first of all, you need developer accounts. Today, the application approval takes only a couple of days:

  • In Google Play it is automatic and takes a couple of hours;
  • In Apple App Store it takes about 2 days.

So you do not need to print a new batch of journals in every country and in every town. It’s especially relevant if you are an international brand.

Augmented Reality on Mobiles — AR Brochure

Advantages of Augmented Reality Brochure

Augmented Reality is a proven way to win the hearts of consumers:

  • AR is a modern method to attract your customers;
  • Engage your customers in interactive stories with creating a personal experience;
  • 10 seconds to show everything you want;
  • The application runs directly on the client’s device.

So you should take this trend a note and implement it in your business.

Take a look on Unity Asset called AR Menu or AR Business Card (docs).

Also, check next inspiring example with live AR Video.

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I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.
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