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Are you exciting to start Game Development with Unity Engine and looking for the best Unity Video Courses? In this article, I will show a varied selection of Game Development Video Courses for beginners, intermediate & advanced users so that you can choose what suits you best.

Unity Learn


You can improve your skills in Unity with free resources on Learn Platform by Unity. It covers a wide range of topics and beginners can find tons of useful information including complete Unity Video Courses and separate video tutorials.


Get direct guidance from experts, specialize in an industry, or go deeper into advanced topics with Unity Learn Premium.

Unity Video Courses on Unity Asset Store

A Great Way to find Unity Video Courses is searching related assets on Unity Asset Store in “Templates > Tutorials” category.

Unity Asset Store — Download Button

Video Courses on Unity Asset Store

Complete Game Development Video Courses

If you want to learn Unity with thoughtful roadmap that will guide you from scratch to AAA projects so you will study Unity step-by-step, consider next Video Courses:

  1. Humble Bundle with Unity Video Courses. Level up and acquire new abilities in Unity Development. These courses will equip you with the programming and other fundamental skills you need to create your own game from scratch. Learn how to build a core combat system, delve into dialogue editors and quest essentials, and find out how experienced pros implement a variety of key game systems.
    Unity Video Courses
  2. Learn Game Dev from A-Z with Official Course by Unity and Pluralsight: “Swords & Shovels”.
    Start with Unity Fundamentals for free, then explore specialized tracks in Art, Design or Programming. Unity Game Dev Courses covers plenty of information, from the basics to more advanced techniques; it’s fun and engaging.
    Swords And Shovels — Unity Video Course — Game Development with Unity
  3. Discover Unity Game Development with Bundle of 30 Video Curses in all areas by Zenva.
    Become a Full-Stack Professional Game Programmer from Zero to Creating Your Own Games with Unity. Build 2D, 3D, Mobile, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Games!
    Unity Game Development Bundle by Zenva — Top Video Courses & Certifications
  4. Video Course “Design and Publish Your Original Game: Unity USC Games Unlocked” guides you through the process used by professional game makers to develop their ideas, keep their projects on track and deliver a complete, released game.
    Unity Video Course — Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity

Thematic Unity Video Courses

  1. The Unity C# Survival Guide: Master C# with Unity in this Complete Video Course which will take you through over 50 interactive challenges, designed to help you master beginner to advanced C# concepts.
    The Unity C# Survival Guide: Created in partnership with Unity Technologies: Master C# with Unity in this Complete Guide! - Video Course
  2. “Creating Cutscenes in Unity”.
    In this course you will work on a sci-fi themed 3D adventure game and create an animated cutscene for the game. You’ll construct an environment for cutscene from the game’s assets, manage LOD groups for optimal graphics performance, add particle effects, block out the cameras that will capture the action, and finally animate the cameras and objects to generate the scene.Unity Cutscene — Adam Example

Create Unity Assets for Unity Asset Store

If you want to earn money while your game is in development, then you can sell separate assets from your game for other Unity Developers. Learn a book called “Asset Store Publisher: How to Create & Sell Unity Assets?” to produce products needed by the market. Learn more about the book.

Unity Asset Store — Download Button

How to become a Professional Game Developer?

Video Game Development is like a Pool Billiard game.

8 Ball — Pool Billiard — Game

To create a game — just arrange the balls.
To create a video game — just create levels.

To win the game — master the skill so as not to give the opponent a chance to take possession of the cue.
To create a game with Stable FPS without freezes — optimize it and master the Garbage Collection.

To become a professional in 8-ball pool and accurately score the ball — become a professional in Russian Pyramid billiard. To become a professional in Game Dev — try to create AAA project.

Good Luck, Dear Game Developer.
Learn Video Tutorials and Make Awesome Games!

P.S. You can test the life of Game Developer with the game called Game Dev Tycoon.

Unity Assets

Support for Unity Assets

I am Andrey Sirota, Founder of Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on the Unity Asset Store. First, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.

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