VR Survival Shooter 🎯

Virtual Reality for Unity

VR Survival Shooter is the first-person shooter in Virtual Reality: kill the zombies and save your life with full immersion in the game!

Unity Package contains a demo with Google VR SDK.

All modules are designed independently to keep this asset extendable & easy to understand.


VR Features

Changes are made regarding the original project by Unity Technologies.

  • Google VR SDK,
    • Customized Back Button,
  • “Iron Throne” with Player Damage Zone,
  • VR Object Detector with GvrReticlePointer (changes a material for the zombie that the player points at),
  • Colored Particles for Zombies,
  • Complete Scene for VR.

Optimisations (Mobile, UI, etc)

Changes are made regarding the original project by Unity Technologies.

  • TextMesh PRO for Texts (“Score” & “Game Over”),
    • Score Text is updated when it really needs,
  • UI is noticeable on Mobile in VR now,
    • New cool design of Health UI with blinking when damaging,
  • Load Screen Control,
  • Menu Scene in VR,
  • Mobile Shaders for enemies,
  • Public Unity Events for more flexibility,
  • And more…


You can test the project in the Unity Editor holding alt (option) key with Google VR SDK.

Tested With

— iOS on iPhone 6.

Potentially works on Android.


Download on the Unity Asset Store

Getting Started with VR Survival Shooter

For legal reasons, I can’t include some assets in the package, but you can get them for free separately.

If you have any issues with the first launch then just email me with Invoice Number and I will send you complete project.

I used Unity 2017.3.1f for this tutorial.

  • Download and import VR Survival Shooter into Unity
  • Download and import Google VR SDK into Unity (Tested with v1.130.1)
  • Download and import Survival Shooter Tutorial with API Updating (Tested with v2.2.2)
    • Don’t import “Project Settings”
  • Reopen Unity project
  • Test in the Unity Editor or build for mobile


AR Survival Shooter

Available on the Unity Asset Store (Docs).


First of all, read the docs.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Feel the effect of presence.
Full immersion in the game!
Greater coverage of devices with Google Cardboard.


Bring the enchanting Power of Virtual Reality into your amazing Game or App.

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