Unity Assets with Vuforia πŸŒ…

Augmented Reality for Unity Game Engine

I have developed some Unity Assets that use Vuforia and Augmented Reality.
Here they are.

Unity Assets

Unity 2017.2 integrates the Vuforia Engine.
You can learn more about new pipeline on Vuforia Developer Portal.

AR Menu & AR Business Card

AR Menu β€” 3D Menu for AR Gaming.
AR Business Card β€” an interactive tool for communication with customers on business negotiations.

DownloadΒ AR Menu on Unity Asset Store.
Check Documentation.

The video contains English subtitles, so just turn them on.

AR Shadow

AR Shadow implements simple real-time shadows for apps with Augmented Reality (Vuforia, Gyro, Accelerometer, any AR). This is Unity shader for transparent surfaces.

DownloadΒ AR Shadow on Unity Asset Store.
Check Documentation.

Why does not Vuforia work?


  1. Vuforia Developer PortalΒ >Β Develop > License Manager > Get Development Key.
  2. Go to WindowΒ > Vuforia ConfigurationΒ > App License Key > Paste yourΒ Key.
  3. File > Save Project.

Build & Run on mobile

If you have errors when you try to make a build for mobile platform:

  • Go to Unity Editor >Β Player Settings > Target Platform > XR Settings.
  • Check the “Vuforia Augmented Reality Supported”.

Supported Devices

Standalone (Desktop)

Vuforia 7.1.35 is only compatible with UWP mobile devices such as tablets.

There is no support for UWP and Mac OS Desktop Apps.


If you developΒ for Event (i.e. Expo) and you want to run App on WindowΒ  10 or Mac OS in Standalone Mode, then just run it in Unity Editor for demonstration.


There is support for Android & iOS.

Known issues


First of all, read the documentation.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Gameplay based on real objects
Interaction with real world


Bring the enchanting Power of Augmented Reality into your amazing Game or App.

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