Organize event or exposition? ๐Ÿ“† Brand Guide with EXPO Kit

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Do you organize event or exposition?

There are two main things that business wants to get from the exhibition:

  • Quick sales,
  • Brand awareness.

There are also two main business questions:

  1. Is there need to increase conversation rate for a limited time?
  2. How to engage the event visitors to interact with your brand?

As a result, all of this leads us to one important question:ย How to Plan really cool Event?

Exposition checklist (organize event)

  1. Develop Event Goal and Objectives.
  2. Organize a Team.
  3. Set a Date.
  4. Brand Your Event.
  5. Create Interaction with Your Brand.
  6. Create a Master Plan.
  7. Determine Administrative Processes.
  8. Identify and Establish Partnerships and Sponsors.
  9. Create a Publicity Plan.
  10. Establish a Budget.
  11. Determine Evaluation Process.

So let us consider #5 in more detail. This means Interactivity and Gamification.ย And since we live in the 21st century, one of the best ways to interest visitorsย โ€” do it with the help of new digital technologies.

The easiest and most budget option in this direction – it is to apply static information in a dynamic way using Full HD touchscreen and smart software.ย The world is rapidly changing, so you need to be always on the trend.

On the other hand, you do not need to use several latest technologies, if they do not match conceptually. Thus you need to focus on one thing.

Expo Kit & Game Menu

Meet our new Unity Asset:ย Expo Kitย is a complete solution for media content control: presenting your company or product, showing your game menu.

Create a positive experience for a potential customer through the interactivity!
Get an informational touch terminal in less than one day!
Organize event with ourย solution, finally, we want to help you ๐Ÿ™‚

Perfect for Apps

  • Game Menu,
  • Exhibition Stand,
  • Terminal,
  • Kiosk,
  • Interactive Panel, Billboard, Whiteboard,
  • Multimedia Presentation.

Perfect for Events

  • Expo,
  • Presentation,
  • World Fair,
  • Trade Show,
  • Messe,
  • Doors Open Day.


  • Smart Tabs,
  • Image Galleries,
  • Dynamic background,
  • Dynamic resources loading,
  • Scrollable Text Area,
  • Video Player,
  • Custom Scene Loader,
  • Full HD resolution.

Demo Theme: “Cities of the World”.

Tested with

  • Windows 10 on touchscreen expo stand,
  • Mac OS on MacBook Air.

Easy Implementation

In addition, Expo Kit is designed for Unity game engine. It is easy to use, so you do not have to be a programmer to configure the Asset for your event.

And if you need any additional specialized feature, the programmers will be able to easily and quickly implement it, because all modules are designed independently to keep this asset extendable and easy to understand.

Furthermore, Unity has aย free edition.
So all-stars came together for you.
Organize event seamlessly.



Almost every scene has “$” GameObject, which has main control script for the scene.
Various modules interact with each other with the “$”.


All paths to the resources are registered in ResourcePaths.cs file.
Content is loaded into the gallery dynamically, depending on the selected object on the โ€œMainโ€ scene.


Can be only one Active Tab. To set the Active Tab (when the app starts) you must set active appropriate Tab Content (GameObject) in the hierarchy view.

Expo Kit | Tabs | Hierarchy View | Unity
Expo Kit | Tabs | Hierarchy View

Tabs (Toggles) are on the โ€œMainโ€ scene.

The Tab should be called as well as one of the children of “TabContents” GameObject. So when you toggle tabs, appropriate content is automatically hidden/shown. Every Child of appropriate Tab Content has the Animator with Animation.

Tab Name (in the hierarchy view) indicates the appropriate directory in the Resources Folder.

Video Player

Video Player is the scene with customized Movie Texture.

Image Galleries


  • Image Gallery Full Screen,
  • Image Gallery Of Triples.

By default, Image Gallery Of Triples loads the same images as for the Image Gallery Full Screen. You can add your own small images in the Resources Folder, and set the path to them in ResourcePaths.cs file.

Every type of Image Gallery has only one Template GameObject, which is instantiated respectively image count in Resources Folder per project.

Resizing Image Gallery Of Triples

Critical info for Image Gallery is “Layout Element” (component) settings.
A critical parameter in “Layout Element” (component) is “Preferred width” and “Preferred height”.

Way 1
  • Setup “Preferred width” & “Preferred height” for Template GameObject and for its children.
  • Resize Scroll View.
Way 2

Just Change the Scale.


Text file for the project in the โ€œGalleryโ€ scene:

  • Header Text,
  • Main text.

The Header Text should be written in the first line of the file.
So the program recognizes Header Text & Main text.


To test the dynamic loading of texts and images in the ยซGalleryยป scene, you can use the checkbox ยซIs Test Modeยป on the “$” GameObject.

Expo Kit | Tabs | Testing | Unity Asset | Unity3D
Expo Kit | Tabs | Testing


Download Expo Kit on Unity Asset Store.


We continue to support the Expo Kit.ย If you need to make extra functionality or to develop a more sophisticated application for the exhibition, Makaka Games is ready to help you.


Ready to use for your event or game
You only need to load your texts, pictures, and videos
Interactive media kit with the ability to expand


Pay attention to your competitors, but pay more attention to what you're doing. Do more than others expect from you.

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