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What Can Augmented Reality Do?

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Variety of augmented reality using for presentational goals of your company. Create enthralling stories around your brand! The launch of new product or project, annual report, commercial proposal or promotion — augmented reality makes any fantasy real. A product can be explored, touched and changed by the user right here and now. A photo can be sent via the internet immediately. An Augmented Reality attracts the clients more effectively than traditional marketing channels. It’s not only more informative but also more interactive.

Possibilities of interactive visualization at the stages of design, assembly, and demonstration of facilities. Demonstration of floor-plan without having to create a physical layout. Rapid introduction of changes. Using augmented reality will be equally beneficial for both real estate agents and buyers. This technology brings to life not even built facilities and is the best way of demonstration.

The technology allows involving the audience (future customers) in a fascinating insight which can be deployed at any exhibition, in any hall or a shopping center. People can personally interact with the virtual world and the characters, affect their behavior, emotions entices other visitors. Promotional campaign with augmented reality creates around crowds of people, who ready to meet with your brand and ready-to-contact.

You can tell or show the most difficult things through the accessible way. You can make the learning process interactive and effective, placing markers on the pages of your study materials. You must complement learning process with another reality — this is a game combining real and virtual. Augmented reality allows you to integrate into your training manuals most diverse content: interactive applications, 3d-model, animations, videos, etc. Learning by playing — an excellent approach to mastering knowledge of any complexity. Use the maximum of Gamification!

What We DO

Augmented Reality #1

It allows amplifying surrounding reality with virtual objects, using just smartphone or tablet. Augmented Reality is generally experienced through the gaming, creating immersive gaming experiences that utilize your actual surroundings.

Made with Unity

Our Unity Asset called AR Camera GYRO implements markerless augmented reality by using a gyroscope like Pokemon GO. We are also developing with the marker-based AR like Vuforia. We use Unity. We love Unity.

We have created AR Camera GYRO, AR Throw Ball, AR Basketball GO, AR Menu, AR Business Card and more...

Games & Computer Graphic

Visualization through visual imagery has been an effective way to communicate a message: 3D modeling, 3D & 2D animation, photo-realistic computer graphics, creating graphics for gamedev, special effects, interfaces, high-quality renderings.

Virtual reality

It replicates an environment (real or imagined) and simulates a user's physical presence: Games, The Arts, Entertainment.

Virtual reality can lead to new and exciting discoveries in these areas which impact upon our day to day lives. VR is a cost-effective tool to study and replicate interactions in a controlled environment.

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This is a useful plugin 🛠

Jon Snow, Customer of AR Camera GYRO

Simply Awesome!

Saving you many hours of work, a must buy for any everyplay related project. ⏰

shahzaib, Customer of GUI Template for Everyplay

Great UI

Thanks, bro 🔥

itachi1600, Customer of Mobile Game Icon Pack


Don’t work…

UPD: Oops. Sorry, finally got it to work… made a small dodo…. great asset 🙂

Daleneil77, Customer of GUI Template for Everyplay

Excellent short time

Makaka Team was very helpful and finished the support task in an excellent short time. They were very communicative.

Hope to work with them in the next future. 🏙

Jose Martin, Customer

Fast Expo stand

My company is attending a trade show expo in August (2016) and would like to have an interactive display made for a screen at the booth. Expo Kit helped us a lot! 

Great Asset 🙂

Stephen Lin, Customer of Expo Kit | Game Menu
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