How to Test iOS App without Developer Account?

Do you need to test iOS App without Developer Account on Real Mobile Device (iPhone or iPad)? Here you can find how to create Free iOS Certificate and Provisioning Profile with Xcode 11 without purchasing of Apple Developer Program.

Test iOS App without Developer Account

To test iOS App you need only Apple ID without paid Apple Developer Account, but to test IAPs (In-App Purchases) you need to enroll.

Get Free iOS Developer Account

You just need to sign in with your Apple ID in Xcode 11:
Xcode > Preferences > Accounts > Apple IDs > “+” > Apple ID.

How to Get Apple Free Developer Account to test iOS App

Create Free iOS Certificate

You can create once and further choose every time your “Personal Team”:
Xcode > Targets > (Choose your Target, e.g. for Unity Project: “Unity iPhone” (black Unity icon)) > Signing & Capabilities > All > Team > Select Your Team.

All needed files (iOS free developer certificate and provisioning profile) you will get automatically.

Xcode team: unknown name > use Personal Team - Create Free iOS Certificate

Remove IAP Capability

You need to remove IAP Capability If you see next message:
“Your Development Team does not support the In-App Purchase capability”.

To disable IAP Capability do next:  Xcode > Targets > Your Target > Signing & Capabilities > All > In-App Purchase > Remove (cross on the right) & Click “Try Again” Button.

Your development team does not support the In-App Purchase capability — Remove IAP Capability

Unity iOS Build

This website is related to Unity Game Engine, so you can also quickly test your Unity App without building using Unity Remote.

If this is your first time building of target Unity Project for iOS, then you can have some issues — it’s normally. Open Official Unity Tutorials of iOS development to learn complete process of iOS Building with Unity.

Support for Unity Assets
I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.
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