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Best Unity Assets of the Year

Are you planning to create an awesome app or video game with Unity game engine using the Best Unity Assets? Save many development hours with Best Assets in Unity Asset Store.

In this article, I will show you best-in-class assets separated by categories, so you can make the right choice for your game genre and create a dream game as fast as possible.

Placement in this article cannot be bought.

The “Editor’s Picks” list was created based on personal developer experience, including the own Unity Assets (by Makaka Games).

50+ Best Unity Assets: Editor’s Picks

Which assets did you enjoy the most this year? Let me know in the comments.

AR — Augmented Reality

  1. AR Foundation Bundle (ARKit, ARCore).
    Unity AR Bundle — Unity Assets — Create your own AR App or Develop AR Game in 1 day! AR Foundation (ARKit, ARCore)
  2. AR Video Player (AR Business Card) (docs)— 3D Menu for AR Gaming and interactive tool for communication with customers on business negotiations or just for fun.
    AR Business Card or AR Menu (Unity Asset)
  3. AR Throw & Score (docs) — Throw AR Object into containers & Try to Get Best Score.
    AR Throw & Score (AR Foundation: ARKit, ARCore). AR Toss & GO: Augmented Reality — Unity Asset
  4. AR Shooter (docs) — first-person shooter (FPS): kill the zombies and save your life with full immersion in the game.
    AR Shooter — Unity Asset — AR Survival Shooter — AR Foundation (ARCore, ARKit) — AR FPS
  5. AR Basketball (docs) — sport arcade for mobile platforms with realistic physics of basketball net & hoop.
    AR Basketball — Unity Asset (AR Foundation: ARKit, ARCore). Game Template with Augmented Reality.
  6. AR Foundation Editor Remote — AR Remote Tool allowing you test AR App without building right in Unity Editor. Check Comparison Post.
    AR Foundation Editor Remote — AR Remote Tool allowing you test AR App without building right in Unity Editor. Unity Asset.

VR — Virtual Reality

  1. VR Interaction Framework — tool for easily creating your own interactive objects; foundation to create polished VR experiences.
    VR Interaction Framework — Unity Asset
  2. VR + AR: MR Camera (Mixed Reality) (docs) with Google Cardboard XR Plugin.
    Unity VR + AR: Mixed Reality (MR) with Google Cardboard XR Plugin — Unity Asset
  3. VR Easy — workflow tool set that enables content developers to quickly build VR Experiences through a simple drag & drop interface, supporting all major HMD devices, e.g. Oculus, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Oculus Go, Vive Focus, Cardboard, Daydream and compatible with industry SDKs.
    VR Easy — Unity Asset


  1. Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil — High Quality Art from top industry talent.
    Yggdrasil — Unity Icon Collective — Unity Asset
  2. Stronghold — Step into the Medieval World of sword and stone, detailed fortress or a climatic city from the Middle Ages.
    Stronghold Medieval — Unity Asset — 3D
  3. RPG Medieval Kingdom Kit — next-gen PBR 3D modular art package which contains 900 fully customizable prefabs to create your own RPG or RTS Game with First Person or Top-Down View.
    RPG Medieval Kingdom Kit — Unity Asset — 3D
  4. PBR Graveyard — 2000 assets: modular, PBR, sculpted, and photoscanned. Create cemetery, interiors, nature background. All assets are high-quality optimized and atlased models with 3-4 LODs. Music from old video, is also included in 2 variants: movie trailer and short ambient.
    PBR Graveyard — Unity Asset — 3D
  5. Rock and Boulders 3 — 26 Types of boulders and stones with 22 PBR rock formations.
    Rock and Boulders 3 — Unity Asset — 3D
  6. Stylized Nature Pack — high-quality nature package, perfect for stylized games.
    Stylized Nature Pack for Unity — Unity Asset — 3D
  7. Epic Mountains Pack — AAA Terrain Features and Prefabs: 4k Textures & Photogrammetry.
    Epic Mountains Pack — Unity Asset — 3D
  8. ArchVizPRO Interior Vol. 6 — Scandinavian style house, build in every single detail: 4K, 200 prefabs.
    ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6 — Unity Asset — 3D

Low Poly

  1. POLYGON — Pirates Pack: low poly asset pack of characters, buildings, props, items and environment assets to create a pirate based polygonal style game. Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations. 477 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colors.
    POLYGON — Pirates Pack — Unity Asset — 3D
  2. POLYGON Nature Pack — low poly asset pack of Trees, Plants, Terrain, Rocks, Props, and FX assets to add to your existing polygonal style game.
    POLYGON — Nature Pack — Unity Asset — 3D


  1. Football (docs) — Unity Asset in the sport arcade genre with realistic physics of football net, goal movement & target movement inside the goal, advanced scoring & audio systems.
    Football — Unity Asset — Soccer
  2. Basketball Game 3D (docs) — sport arcade with realistic physics of basketball net & ring, ring growing, hoop movement, advanced scoring & audio systems.
    Basketball Game — Unity Asset — 3D


  1. Gaia — artist friendly all in one terrain and scene generation system that allows you to create the stunning Mobile, VR and Desktop Environments in just minutes!
    Gaia — Environment Generator — Unity Asset — 3D
  2. EasyRoads 3D — Road Infrastructures with awesome Parametric Modeling.
    Easy Roads 3D — Unity Asset
  3. RAM (River Auto Material) — tool to create very advanced river and lakes with flow map, river bed shapes and textures on it automatically.
    RAM — River Auto Material — Unity Asset — 3D


  1. Time of Day — package to render realistic dynamic sky domes with day and night cycle, realistic dynamic clouds and physically based atmospheric scattering.
    Time of Day — Unity Asset — 3D Sky
  2. Farland Skies — Cloudy Crown Pro: minimalistic, cartoon style skybox with custom single-pass shader that works as a regular skybox material, avoiding the use of any sphere or mesh. There are tons of customization features.
    Farland Sky — Unity Asset — 3D Sky
  3. AllSky — full palette of 160 skies with various styles: Day, Night, Cartoon, Fantasy, Hazy, Epic, Space, Sunless and Moonless!
    All Sky — Unity Asset — 3D Sky
  4. Enviro — Sky and Weather — complete dynamic AAA sky and weather solution. Compatible with Gaia.
    Enviro Sky — Unity Asset — 3D Sky

Visual Scripting / Visual Coding

If you want to create games without code, then the next awesome tools will help you.

  1. Bolt — most powerful solution for visual programming.
    Bolt — Visual Coding — Unity Asset
  2. Playmaker.
    Playmaker — Visual Programming — Visual Coding — Unity Asset
  3. Behavior Designer.
    Behavior Designer — Visual Programming — Visual Coding — Unity Asset

VFX & Shaders

  1. MadGoat SSAA — one of the best anti-aliasing techniques: be it a game, a VR application or an archviz presentation, now you can achieve stunning image quality with just one click!
    MadGoat SSAA and Resolution Scaling — Unity Asset
  2. Mesh Effects — 20+ amazing mesh effects.
    Mesh Effects — Unity Asset
  3. SSAO Pro — HQ, stable and fast version of SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion) with added features like lighting contribution, distance cutoff with smooth falloff and occlusion color.
    SSAO Pro — Unity Asset
  4. Realistic Effects Pack 4 — top-notch 3D Effects with physic motions, particles and sounds.
    Realistic Effects Pack 4 — Unity Asset
  5. Amplify Shader Editor — most progressive node-based editor of shaders.
    Amplify Shader Editor — Unity Asset


  1. FPS Engine — advanced solution for First-Person Shooter games.
    FPS Engine — advanced solution for First-Person Shooter games — Unity Asset
  2. UFPS — ultimate solution for creating ANY FPS game.
    UFPS — Unity Asset
  3. Realistic FPS Hands — PBR, 4K Textures, Rigged model, IK system, Customization, Damage shader.
    FPS Hands — Unity Asset
  4. Manoeuvre FPS + uzAI — MEGA PACK: one stop solution which provides you the most Flexible, Easy to Use, Production-Ready First-Person Shooter Controller and to set this up you require Zero Coding Skills!
    Manoeuvre FPS + AI — Unity Asset
  5. Advanced FPS Counter — Simple and flexible in-game frames per second counter with advanced features, made to let you monitor stats of your game right on the target device.
    Advanced FPS Counter — Unity Asset


Corgi Engine 2D/2.5D + Handcrafted Art — 2D Platformer Mega Bundle: most complete platformer solution. It’s a tight (non physics-based controls) character controller for your game. It’s very fast and works on desktop, mobile, and anywhere you want.

Corgi Engine — 2D + 2.5D Platformer — Unity Asset


  1. Odin — Inspector and Serializer;
    Odin — Inspector and Serializer — Unity Asset
  2. Archimatix Pro — is a powerful node-based parametric modeling extension for Unity that helps you quickly create mutable props and rich, variable environments.
    Archimatix Pro — Unity Asset — Parametric 3D Modeling


  1. Doozy UI Manager — set of professional tools that make it easy for anyone to design, manage and animate modern User Interfaces.
    Doozy UI Manager — Unity Asset
  2. Advanced Color Picker for Unity UI — most advanced & fast RGB, HSV and HSL color picker.
    Color Picker — Unity Asset
  3. Clean Flat Icons — mobile-friendly flat button icon asset. Includes 6000+ buttons and icons at each resolution in different styles.
    Clean Flat Icons - Best Unity Asset


Here I collected optimization tools provided by Indie Developers (Publishers) in Unity Asset Store.

Unity Asset Store — Download Button

To dive into the details of Common Performance Issues in Video Games and Find Solutions for them, read the Complete Optimization Tutorial for Unity.

Unity Optimization Tips/Guide — Optimize Unity Game

Asset Publisher

  1. Asset Store Publisher: How to Create & Sell Unity Assets? — Book for Publishers.
    How to Create and Sell Unity Assets in Asset Store? Unity Publisher — Book
  2. Asset Hunter PRO — solution for cleaning your project from garbage and missing elements.
    Asset Hunter PRO — Unity Asset — Clean Up your Project

Best Unity Assets by Years

The Unity Awards is the way (by Unity Technologies) of honoring the best content being created with Unity. These awards are just one way we look to recognize, emphasize, and congratulate the hard work, creativity, and dedication that creators put into their own projects.

Unity Awards — Best Unity Assets


The Best Unity Assets of the Current Year will be available at the end of the Year.


Unity Awards:


No award ceremony by Unity was held in 2022.


Unity Awards:

  • RPG Builder;
  • Feel — Best Artistic Tool to improve your game’s feel and make it extra juicy;
  • POLYGON Dungeon Realms — an Epic Low Poly asset pack of characters, props, weapons and environment assets to create a Fantasy themed polygonal style game.


Unity Awards:


Unity Awards:


Asset Store Team Picks:

You can also create the best asset and be nominated in next year (check inspiring games Made with Unity).


The novelty of this year was the creation of paid assets by the Unity Technologies itself, together with professionals with over 40+ years of combined industry experience working on world-class productions of games and movies.

Unity is excited to announce the release of Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil — the first Icon Pack from the Unity Icon Collective. The pack was built in collaboration with Unity partners created AAA games to ensure superb quality 3D content, music, sound, and animations.

Unity Asset Store — Download Button

Icon Packs include premium art assets that are flexible, modular, and designed to help creators build and expand new worlds. In this first pack, creators get the complete Yggdrasil diorama that features an environment, a game-ready animated character, shaders, textures, lighting, audio and more.


List of Assets was created by Official Team of Unity Asset Store.

Staff Picks:

Best Assets by Official Asset Store Team

Best Paid Unity Assets

It is Dynamic List of Best Assets based on Asset Store sales for the last 30 days.

Best Paid Unity Assets — Best Unity Assets

Top-Grossing Unity Packages

It is Dynamic List of Top Grossing Unity Assets based on Asset Store popularity metric and numbers of sales.

Top Grossing Unity Assets — Best Unity Assets

Asset Bundle of Week

Asset Bundles — thematic groups/collections of assets with discount, Top Unity Assets that work great together, and only pay for assets you don’t yet own. Save up to 50%!

Bundle of Week — Unity Asset Store

New Cool Assets

Check out the latest and greatest released assets, selected by the Asset Store Content Curators.

New Cool Assets on Asset Store

Why do you need to buy at the Unity Asset Store?

Unity Asset Store Rules are complicated by now, especially for new participants (developers): only experienced developers with their own websites and 3 complete Unity Projects at minimum.

Modern Requirements of Asset Store resembles a model of Envato Market (Theme Forest, Code Canyon, etc). There are very serious requirements for software products. Even if in some way a bad product could pass moderation, then the rating system will bring it to light.

As a result, we have Top Unity Assets by Top Unity Developers and more opportunities for Game Creators:

  • Save money and hundreds of development hours.
  • Focus on the game, not the routine.
  • You can create the whole game by yourself, no need to understand every field of Game Dev.

Enjoy the creation of the game of your dream without being bored and with the Best Unity Assets of the Asset Store Community.


How to prototype your Game with Best Unity Assets?

In the next video, you can learn how the winner of Unity’s Neon Challenge created his project with the next assets: Suburb Neighborhood House Pack, Post-Apo Pack, Advanced Foliage Pack.

Get Top Free Assets on Asset Store.

Is it bad to use Unity Assets?

No. Best Unity Assets help you to save your time & money. Unity assets are not only intended for prototyping. With Unity Assets, you can build your unique game by combining different assets.

Are there free assets for Unity?

Asset Store has thousands of free assets that can be used in your own paid and free games. Often free assets are produced to support the promotion of big packs of assets.

Where can I get assets for Unity?

Unlike other types of development, such as web development or native mobile development, where you can find assets on different marketplaces, there is only one official and the biggest place in the case of Unity – Unity Asset Store.

How can I get free assets?

Unity Asset Store has a filter called “Free Assets” to help you find the best Unity Assets for beginners for Free.

Unity Assets

Support for Unity Assets

I am Andrey Sirota, Founder of Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on the Unity Asset Store. First, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.

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