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Basketball Game 3D

Basketball Game 3D — Unity Asset in sport arcade genre for Desktop (Windows, macOS) with realistic physics of basketball net & ring, ring growing & hoop movement, advanced scoring & audio systems.

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During an encounter with basketball hoop, a player may throw a ball for scoring by clicking any point on the screen (easy mode) or by flicking (swiping) the ball from the bottom of the screen up toward the target (hard mode). Different speed & toss direction are formed based on last mouse position, what makes the game even more interesting.

Throw Diligently & Try to Get the Best Score!

Basketball Game 3D package Contains

All paid assets are included in Unity Package. All modules are designed independently to keep this asset extendable & easy to understand:

  • Complete Game Project with 4 Scenes: Menu, Loading Screen, Game (Click Mode) & Game (Flick Mode).
  • Throw Object 3D (docs) to implement throwing.

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Features of Basketball Game 3D

Throw like a Pro with your amazing Game or App:

  • 2 Bonuses: Ring Growing (Big Ring), Hoop Movement.
  • 2 Throwing Modes: “Click” (Easy) & “Flick/Swipe” (Hard).
  • 2 Camera Control Modes: WASD Keys or Right Mouse Button.
  • Super Realistic Physics of a Basketball Net & Ring.
  • Dissolving (Fading) VFX for All Game Objects.
  • Dynamic Sound System: play Sounds based on speed, pitch and volume factors of Throwing Object when it collides with Ring, Basketball Net, Backboard, Floor, Pole.
  • Tons of Customizable Parameters (Points, Throwing, Bonuses, Sounds, Delays, etc.).
  • Directional Arrow that points to current target.
  • Advanced Scoring System with Combos & Accounting Distance to Basket.
  • Optimizations: Object Pool, TextMesh PRO, etc.
  • UI Animations and Sounds: Clear Ball, Best Score, Current Score, Fail.
  • Simulation of Player Breathing.

Unity Editor


You can get a bonus with 1 scored ball or with combo. Balls Count in Combo can be set in Unity Editor.

Ring Growing (Big Ring)

Ring Growing happens when the player scores 1 Clear Ball (without touching of Ring). When the Limit of Goals with Big Ring will be reached then the basket will be returned to the Normal Size.

Hoop Movement

Hoop Movement happens when the player scores 2 Normal Balls (not clear) and shows VFX with Explosion & Hoop Dissolving (Meshes & Shadows).

Movement contains 2 independent parts:

  • Rotation Around Camera (Player) by target Angles.
  • Changing of local Z Position by target step.


Getting Started with Basketball Game 3D

Folders & Files in package by default:

  • Makaka Games.


If you have any issues with the first launch then just Reach Support with Invoice Number and Get Help.

If you read this tutorial from PDF, first check the latest docs online to get actual information.

  1. Create New Unity Project with Unity 2021.1.12.
  2. Build Settings > Standalone (PC, Mac) or WebGL > Switch Platform.
  3. Download and import Basketball Game 3D into Unity.
    1. Warning Windows:
      1. Click “Import” to overwrite the Project Settings with predefined ones.
      2. Click “Install/Upgrade” for Package Manager Dependencies.
  4. Next Packages are provided with Unity Package Manager, and they are already installed for this Asset by default. If packages are missing (Warning Window did not appear) then install them again with Unity Package Manager (with advanced settings enabled: “Pre-release Packages” & “Show Dependencies”):
    1. TextMesh Pro 3.0.6:
      1. Always Required: Window > TextMeshPro > Import TMP Essential Resources.
  5. Reopen Unity Project.
  6. Open Scene: Makaka Games > Basketball Game 3D > Scenes > Menu.
  7. Test in the Unity Editor or Build.

Each Unity Asset included in Basketball Game 3D has its own documentation in target folder or on the website (the latest docs).

“$” Game Object

It’s Game Controller. Here you can find main control scripts.

How to Set Balls Count?

All information about throwing you can find in “Throw Object 3D” Documentation.

3rd Party 3D Basketball Environment (Option)

Basketball Game 3D (Unity Asset) is not related with next optional assets and it doesn’t include them and support is provided only by their publishers. The next assets are recommendations as additional stuff to inspiration and application in your unique game:

Tested with Desktop Platforms

  • Windows,
  • macOS,
  • WebGL in Google Chrome.


First of all, read the latest docs online.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Check the current version on Asset Store.
The latest version will be added as soon as possible.


2.0 (Completely Rewritten Project & New Features):

  • Throw Object 3D 4.0 (docs);
  • TextMesh Pro;
  • Hoop Movement;
  • Dissolving (Fading) VFX;
  • Shadow for Basketball Net;
  • New Camera Control Mode: Right Mouse Button;
  • Improved Basketball Physics Material.
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I am Andrey Sirota, Founder of Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.

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