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AR Masker App 😀 Create AR Masks — Face Filters

AR Masker (iOS, Android) — Photo/Video App for Mobiles with Augmented Reality, Face Recognition (AR Face Tracking) & Your Own Mask Creating. This is a Mask Generator.

AR Masker for iOS on Apple App Store
AR Masker for Android on Google Play

Features of AR Masker

AR Masker brings the enchanting Power of Augmented Reality into your amazing Media Content:

  • Express Yourself with 1 AR Mask (Custom Texture) & Unlimited Variations of Appearance.
  • Create Your Own AR Masks: Load Media (Photos & Videos) from Phone Gallery to Your Face in Real-time.
  • Control Media Parameters as you want.
  • Take Photos & Record Videos.
  • Share Content with Friends on Social Networks.

Documentation is relevant for the latest version of AR Masker App.

AR Masks (AR Face Filters)

Custom Texture (Photo, Video)

AR Mask Custom Texture allows you to get Unlimited Variations of Appearance by Loading Textures (Photos, Videos) from the Phone Gallery to Your Face.

AR Masker (AR Face Filters) — AR Masks — AR Foundation (ARKit, ARCore) — iOS, Android — Mobile App

Groups of Parameters

  • Offset, Rotation (Media):
    • Offset X,
    • Offset Y,
    • Rotation.
  • Tiling, Wrap (Media):
    • Tiling X,
    • Tiling Y,
    • Wrap Mode: Repeat, Mirror, Clamp.
      Requirement: change Offset or Tiling at first.
  • Color (Media).
  • Text (Head Text).
  • Transform (Head Text):
    • Position X,
    • Position Y,
    • Position Z,
    • Rotation,
    • Font Size.
  • Decorations (Head Text):
    • Character Spacing,
    • Word Spacing,
    • Blur,
    • Outline Width.
  • Color (Head Text).
  • Color: Outline (Head Text).

Video Examples


Mask Parameters

Groups of Parameters (Bottom Center of the Screen)

Groups of Parameters are Toggles at the bottom of the Screen that can control the State of AR Mask.

UI Options:

  • Scrolling of Groups with Auto Activating & Snapping to the Screen Center.
  • Group Reset when Second Click on Toggle for Activated Group.
Tools (Right Side of the Screen)

AR Masker App implements several Unified Tools that are used by different Groups of Parameters to provide Seamless UX for the user during App Session.

Target Tool for Group of Parameters is showing on the right side of the screen when switching to the Target Group. With the Tool, you can control a state of target parameter.

Vertical Slider
  • Handle: Controls Normalized Numeric Value of Parameter (it can be from 0 to 1).
  • When Available: Reversing Button (Yin and Yang icon): e.g., mirrors the media.
  • Reset Button: Sets the Value to the Default State.
Color Picker

Color and Transparency in RGB, HSV and HSL modes. It works according to the multiplication system: so if the Texture on the Face Mask has black areas, you can’t change the colors of those areas.


Entered Text will be shown in the target place.

Controls (Left Side of the Screen)

The Controls are a set of buttons:

  • Upload the Texture (Media) from Phone Gallery to Face Mask:
    • Photo,
    • Video.
  • Randomize Mask: Create an interesting Art Mask in 1-click. Text will be untouched.
  • Randomize Activated Group.
  • Reset: Set all Parameters to default values except the Media Texture itself.

Camera Modes, Record Button & Sharing

Unified Button Camera Record is intended for Every Camera Mode:

  • Photo: Take Photo,
  • Video: Start Video Recording. You can Stop Video Recording by a Tap on the Screen.

Photo Mode

Photos are saved automatically to Photos (iOS) or Gallery (Android) when you take a shot.
You can share a photo with the button in the left bottom corner (when available).

Video Mode


Videos are saved automatically to Photos after Stopping Recording. The longer the video, the longer it takes to save it to the phone’s memory.


Videos are saved automatically to the Gallery after Stopping Recording.


Why is the subscription status in the app displayed incorrectly?

  1. Check Your Subscription Status in the primary source:
  2. If the Subscription Status in the app differs from primary source, then:
    1. Wait Some Time,
    2. Restart (Close & Open Again) the App with Active Internet Connection.

System Requirements

App Requires:

  • AR Mode:
  • Active Internet Connection.


  • The Resulting Video may have an Audio Delay.
    • The more powerful your mobile device, the lower the audio delay.
  • Frames Per Second (FPS) depends on the Amount of Lighting around you (mostly for Android).


FeatureFreePro Subscription
Full Access+
Coin Price: Photo10
Coin Price: Video20
Coin Reward (Ads)55
Duration+ (Monthly: Auto-Renewable)
Duration Managing+ (Only you can manage your subscription in
App Store subscriptions center (iOS) or
Google Play subscriptions center (Android))
Developer Happiness++
Pricing0iOS, Android


Coins — in-game currency to Take Photo & Record Videos.

You can earn coins by watching ads in the App Shop.
You don’t need coins when you have an Active Subscription.


First, read the latest docs on this page.
If it didn’t help, get the support.

Check also “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”.


Check the current version: Apple App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android).
The latest versions will be added as soon as possible.

3.2 (iOS):

  • New Control Buttons on the Left Side:
    • Randomize Mask,
    • Randomize Activated Group.
  • New Parameters for Head Text:
    • Position Z,
    • Rotation,
    • Character Spacing,
    • Word Spacing,
    • Blur.
  • Improvements:
    • Mask Resetting doesn’t activate the 1st group, leaving the user on the current group.
    • Texture Wrap Mode is a Parameter now that can switch between 3 states:
      • Repeat,
      • Mirror,
      • Clamp.

3.1 (iOS & Android):

  • Video Recording Upgrade:
    • Increased Video Resolution (Full-Screen Size).
    • Improved Performance: Fixed Audio Delay.
    • Removed Permission Request for Screen Recording in Every App Session: now there is Only Initial Microphone Permission Request for the 1st Launch of App.


  • New UI: Groups of Parameters:
    • Adjust several parameters at a time,
    • Reset each parameter separately (with Reset Buttons) or the Whole Group at Once with a Second Click on Toggle for Activated Group of Parameters.
  • New Parameters for Head Text:
    • Color;
    • Color – Outline;
    • Width – Outline;
    • Position X;
    • Position Y;
    • Font Size;
  • New Parameter Option (when available): Reversing (Tiling, Rotation), you can mirror the media.


  • New Button: Reset (customizations are saved now when uploading new media);
  • Improved Parameters;
  • Android: Fixed Video Recording: no Vertical Black Lines on sides for some devices;
  • Android: Fixed Media on Face: no Mirroring.


  • New Parameter: Color (Transparency is here now),
  • New Parameter: Head Text.

Made with Unity

AR Masker is Made with Unity game engine using next Unity Assets:

You can also discuss the app on Unity Forum.


Also check: Changelog for Users.




AR Masker App 😀 Create AR Masks — Face Filters: Face App #1
AR Masker App 😀 Create AR Masks — Face Filters 1

AR Masker (iOS, Android) — Photo/Video App for Mobiles with Augmented Reality, Face Recognition (AR Face Tracking) & Your Own Mask Creating. Made with Unity.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Multimedia

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I am Andrey Sirota, Founder of Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on the Unity Asset Store. First, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.

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