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AR Shadow (Unity Asset) implements simple real-time shadows for apps with Augmented Reality using AR Foundation Engine: ARKit, ARCore. This is Unity shader for transparent surfaces.

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The Package contains a Demo with real Plane Detection (using AR Foundation (ARCore, ARKit)) which includes tutorial, visual plane confirmation/resetting & placing the Game Object (Cube).

AR Shadow Shader is a part of Unity Assets

VR + AR: Mixed Reality (MR) (docs).

AR Toss Boss (docs).

AR Basketball GO (docs).

AR Survival Shooter (docs).

AR Throwing (docs).

AR Camera GYRO (docs).



This tutorial is relevant for 2.1+ version of Asset.
Tutorials for previous versions can be found in the asset folder.

Getting started with AR Shadow

Folders & Files in package by default:

  • Makaka Games,
  • XR.


If you have any issues with the first launch then just Reach Support with Invoice Number and Get Help.

If you read this tutorial from PDF, first check the latest docs online to get actual information.

  1. Create a new Unity Project with Unity 2021.1.12.
  2. File > Build Settings > iOS/Android > Switch Platform.
  3. Download and import AR Shadow into Unity.
    1. Warning Windows:
      1. Click “Import” to overwrite the Project Settings with predefined ones.
      2. Click “Install/Upgrade” for Package Manager Dependencies.
  4. Next Packages are provided with Unity Package Manager, and they are already installed for this Asset by default. If packages are missing (Warning Window did not appear) then install them again with Unity Package Manager (with advanced settings enabled: “Pre-release Packages” & “Show Dependencies”):
    1. TextMesh Pro 3.0.6:
      1. Always Required: Window > TextMeshPro > Import TMP Essential Resources.
  5. Reopen Unity Project.
  6. Open Scene: Makaka Games > AR > AR Shadow > Scenes > Demo.
  7. Build for Mobile.

AR Shadow and Any AR Engine

AR Shadow works independently and does not require a specific AR engine.

E.g., you can transform your game scene into Augmented Reality in 4 minutes with AR Shadow and AR Camera GYRO (docs).

Tested with Mobile Devices

Real Testing is only on Real Device.


  • iOS on iPhone 6, 8, XS Max;
  • Android on Samsung Galaxy A71.


  • UWP on Microsoft Surface Pro 5 & Acer Switch 5.


First, read the latest docs online.
If it didn’t help, get the support.


Check the current version on Asset Store.
The latest versions will be added as soon as possible.


  • Improved Demo with tutorial, visual plane confirmation/resetting & placing the Game Object (Cube);
  • Restart Button;
  • Unity 2021.1.12;
  • TextMesh Pro for All Texts.


  • Unity 2021.1.
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I am Andrey Sirota, Founder of Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.

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