Best Unity Assets of the Year

This year saw the release of many cool Unity Assets. New tools that do things nothing has done before. Asset Store Team has collected 10 of the very best.

Also, check Unity’s Library Bundles: each bundle contains assets from a single publisher.

You can also create the best asset and be nominated in next year.

The novelty of this year was the creation of paid assets by the Unity Technologies itself, together with professionals with over 40+ years of combined industry experience working on world-class productions of games and movies.

Unity is excited to announce the release of Buried Memories Volume 1: Yggdrasil – the first Icon Pack from the Unity Icon Collective. The pack was built in collaboration with Unity partners created AAA games to ensure superb quality 3D content, music, sound, and animations.

Icon Packs include premium art assets that are flexible, modular, and designed to help creators build and expand new worlds. In this first pack, creators get the complete Yggdrasil diorama that features an environment, a game-ready animated character, shaders, textures, lighting, audio and more.

25 Best Unity Assets

Which assets did you enjoy the most this year? Let me know in the comments.

Top Unity Assets:

  1. Time of Day;
  2. Rock and Boulders 3;
  3. Playmaker;
  4. PBR Graveyard;
  5. MadGoat SSAA;
  6. GAIA;
  7. UFPS;
  8. POLYGON Nature Pack;
  9. Mesh Effects;
  10. EasyRoads 3D;
  11. RAM (River Auto Material);
  12. Realistic FPS Hands;
  13. Desktop Ground Coverage (Grass);
  14. Stylized Nature Pack;
  15. AllSky;
  16. Stronghold;
  17. Epic Mountains Pack;
  18. Enviro – Sky and Weather;
  19. Asset Hunter 2;
  20. SSAO Pro;
  21. ArchVizPRO Interior Vol. 6;
  22. RPG Medieval Kit;
  23. AR Survival Shooter;
  24. AR Camera GYRO;
  25. Asset Store Publisher: How to Create & Sell Unity Assets?

My Unity Assets and The Best Support

The year for me as for Unity Publisher in Asset Store was absolutely amazing and very experimental.

In addition to creating new assets, I must also maintain the existing ones:

  • answer customer questions,
  • check for compatibility with new versions of Unity and take necessary actions,
  • add new functionality,
  • update documentation.

And these actions take a lot of time because customers who have already bought an asset are priorities. These are the rules of the market (and my personal principle). By adhering to this approach, I can get good reviews in the store.

Ratings and reviews on the Unity Asset Store - Best Assets

Naturally, it only works with those customers who want to resolve their problems. A small percentage of customers do not want it (read more about customer support).

New Unity Assets

I’ve created the next new Unity Assets:

All previous assets are also supported and available in the store.

Deprecated Asset

Another new experience for me is the abolition of the product.

Everyplay service for Gameplay Recording on Mobiles, which Unity Technologies bought earlier, was closed. So my asset called “Everyplay GUI Template” became deprecated and today it is no longer available in the store.

Win-Win Strategy: Useful Posts & Book

During the year I published several posts on different topics regarding Unity Development:

Also, you may find valuable information with my experience about creating assets for sale:

These posts are part of my book called: Asset Store Publisher: How to Create & Sell Unity Assets?

Creating useful and free information also has a positive effect.

Thus creating useful content, I attract people to this website from social network & search systems, what has a positive effect on sales results. For more information on how to effectively make people find you, read the above-mentioned book.

Only in the last 3 months, I received 1080 clicks from Google Search. And it cost me $0.

Annual Analytics (2018) with Google Search Console
Annual Analytics (year) with Google Search Console

An additional source of traffic is Unity Answers. Here users want short and clear answers, and extra information can always be given on your website.

Unity Answers - Best Answer
Unity Answers – Best Answer

Why do you need to buy at the Unity Asset Store?

  • Save money and hundreds of development hours.
  • Focus on the game, not the routine.
  • You can create the whole game by yourself, no need to understand every field of Game Dev.

Enjoy the creation of the game of your dream without being bored.

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Support for Unity Assets
I am Andrew Sirota, Founder at Makaka Games and full-time Publisher on Unity Asset Store. First of all, read the latest docs online. If it didn’t help, get the support.
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